MAP-LAB is proud to be a distributor of the QuickSplint.  By being a distributor of the QuickSplint, we are able to help you easily address, manage and improve acute symptoms while a more definitive long-term solution is developed and delivered. With QuickSplint, you can create a custom-made transitional device in your dental office in minutes and can also be used for patients with new dental restorations by preventing excess grinding that could damage the results of the procedure or cause an increase in pain.

QuickSplint is available to be worn on an interim basis while bridging the gap between no treatment and the most appropriate treatment—a custom-fit full occlusal long-term appliance.  Through QuickSplint, you can provide your patients with immediate relief while also demonstrating the efficacy of oral therapy.  The ability to offer same day treatment with QuickSplint is an immediate benefit for both you and your patient.

Contact us at MAP-LAB for more information on QuickSplint and how it can help you display the importance of oral therapy for your patients.

Quick splint with Centrix fast bite VPS on Square Market Quick splint on Square Market